Want a Better Body? Give Yourself Six Weeks (WEEK 3)

Now that you’ve gotten a handle on your eating, it’s time to slowly get the body used to being more active

Want a Better Body? Give Yourself Six Weeks (WEEK 3)

Week 3

start exercising. Now that you’ve gotten a handle on your eating, it’s time to slowly get the body used to being more active. This should be easier than it was just two weeks ago because you’ve helped your body rid itself of waste, and have been fueling it up with wholesome, natural foods so you should have much more energy. The type of exercise is not altogether important, just as long as you do it. That’s why you’ll want to pick out an exercise or a combination of exercises that you know you can stick to day after day. Before you continue it’s important to read WEEK 2.


Nothing is better than walking. After crawling it’s the first thing we learn how to do in the way of exercise, and it’s something that can sustain us all the days of our lives. There’s hardly ever an excuse not to go for a walk, since you can always put on a raincoat, a parka, or a pair of shorts depending on the weather and time of year. You don’t have to power walk to get the benefits of walking either, just try to go when the sun is shining to get Vitamin D.



Next to walking and running, swimming is the next most natural exercise for us. Perhaps it goes back to our earliest aquatic ancestors, our webbed fingers are no accident, but it just feels good to be in the water. If you’re not a very good swimmer don’t be afraid to take lessons as an adult. Feeling comfortable in the water and being able to swim and feel better than you did before you swam is a gift you can keep with you for life.



Cycling is a great way to get outside and get some fresh air, as well as a fantastic leg and core workout. Just be careful you don’t start it at the wrong time of the year and then use the weather as an excuse not to go. Getting yourself a stationary bike is worth the investment if you really want to use cycling as your method of getting in shape.



Yoga is a great exercise because it works on so many levels. You’re stretching the body, increasing flexibility and mobility, while at the same time building strength and getting your heart rate up. If you regular yoga you may want to try out hot yoga, but this isn’t necessary to get the benefits from doing simple poses.

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