Want a Better Body? Give Yourself Six Weeks! (WEEK 2)

It's all about adjusting yourself to eating right, weight loss tips (WEEK2)

Want a Better Body? Give Yourself Six Weeks! (WEEK 2)

Week 2 

is all about adjusting yourself to eating right. Your body has gone through a lot of adjusting in the last week, now is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. During the detox you were asked to get rid of all of the food that doesn’t move you forward. Now you can fill your kitchen with foods that will support a healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of diet programs out there that have detailed information on what to eat, including lists of foods you can eat, which makes it much easier to hit the supermarket and get the things you need to succeed. Before you continue it’s important to read WEEK 1.

Day 1

Time to go shopping!

Last week was all about colon cleansing and juice fasts, so not your typical grocery shopping list. This week is all about filling your cupboards and refrigerator with foods that will propel you forward rather than drag you down.

Day 2

Try a fruit you’ve never tried.

You might have to go the exotic route on this one but there are plenty of different fruits for you to try, and they change with the seasons so you can always go back to this step until you feel like you have a wide selection of fruits to choose from.

Day 3

Try a vegetable you’ve never tried.

There are so many vegetables in the produce section that we’re sure there are a dozen you haven’t tried yet. The Internet makes it easy to find a recipe for every veggie under the sun, so don’t be afraid to buy it because you can watch YouTube videos for how to prepare it, and how to cook it.

Day 4

Give sugar the boot.

Sugar is not your friend and is not doing you any favors. Once the momentary sweet sensation passes from the lips it’s doing nothing but mucking up your body, raising your blood sugar levels, and becoming fat if you don’t burn it off in time. By removing this unnecessary item from your life you’ll notice plenty of healthy benefits once your cravings go away.

Day 5

Ease off the grains.

There is much evidence that grains are not very beneficial to the human body, and there are several diet programs that advocate getting rid of them altogether. Whether it’s the gluten they contain or the carbohydrates, one thing is clear: cutting them out often results in effortless weight loss and increased feelings of wellbeing.

Day 6

No more dairy.

The major attraction to dairy products seems to be the calcium they provide, but you can easily get this from leafy green vegetables and other sources. Cutting back on dairy or eliminating it from your diet will yield plenty of benefits, and is definitely worth trying if you’ve never gone long without it.

Day 7

Go out to eat to a nice restaurant that has healthy menu options.

Look at the menu online and choose a healthy option in advance. It’s your reward for making it this far, and to prove that you can go out and have a nice time without ruining your progress or making bad food choices.

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