Vitamin B-17 from a different angle

Is vitamin B-17 the real cure for cancer?

Vitamin B-17 from a different angle

American biochemist Krebs separated a special chemical substance that he thought could cure cancer. That substance is vitamin B-17, also known as amygdalin or laetrile.

Even though Krebs managed to prove laetril’s efficiency, the entire concept of curing cancer with a vitamin was something proclaimed as something that makes no sense.
The FDA quickly started a massive campaign against that cheap cure because they knew vitamin B-17 was dangerous, as it contained cyanide. But all the bans that followed were nothing to concern about when you take into consideration how some people became rich by selling pharmaceutical cures for cancers.

“Cancer is a consequence of a chronic disorder in metabolism that occurs whenever there’s a vital ingredient missing in the food we eat.”

Luckily, there were enthusiasts who confirmed Krebs’ concept, thus curing a lot of patients. It’s interesting to mention how several researches showed that Eskimos and some other tribes all over the world had diets rich with vitamin B-17, but they never got any cancer.

What is vitamin B-17?

It is a natural ingredient found in many foods. Amygdalin was first discovered in 1830 in bitter almonds. The vitamin B-17 can also be found in:

  • cherries
  • apple
  • pear and peach pits
  • Indian cashews and
  • macadamia nut

But the highest concentration of this vitamin can be found in the pits of the apricot.

How to use vitamin B-17?

As a prevention for any type of disease, it’s good enough to just eat three apples with their pits every day, ensuring you’ll get a good amount of vitamin B-17 for your day.
Those who suffer from cancer should take up to two apricot pits per hour. Although, it is advised not to take more than 35 daily.
Since the discovery made by Krebs in 1952, there were thousands of successful treatments with the help of laetrile. It can also be used in therapeutical purposes by consuming apricot pits, or even take laetrile injections.
This all leads to a conclusion that the best solutions are indeed the most simple ones.

This article shows totally opposite view from the previous article but we must seek the truth.

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