Using Colored Toilet Paper Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Dangers of using colored toilet paper

Using Colored Toilet Paper Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Nowadays toilet papers come in different colors and they smell very nice. Not many people know these kinds of toilet papers should be avoided and there is a good reason for it.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banned use of certain colors and smells in pharmaceutical industry, in 1987. It was proven, after testing on animals, they showed an increased incidence of tumors. Even though technologies are improved today, still the concern remains.

Chemical additions, for example color, bleach, and odors may endanger human health and cause environmental pollution.

They can also harm our health.

Urinal infections

Colored toilet paper can irritate vagina and cause urinal infections.

 Cervix cancer

It is believed chemicals in colored and scented toilet paper may have a direct impact on the female reproductive system and may increase the chance of developing cervix cancer.

Rectal problems

This can be very sensitive area and colored and scented toilet paper can only make the situation worse, especially if a person already suffers from some form of discomfort, such as bleeding of anus or blood in the stool. Also, if a person uses colored toilet paper, it may disable him/her from noticing symptoms if some disease occurs.

Fungal infections

One of the most common discomforts women happen to have is caused by fungal infection. Gynecologists almost always ask whether a woman is using colored or scented toilet paper, and concluded these infections are more common in women using these kinds of toilet papers. Their advice is to stop using it and begin treating the infections with medications.

Environment dangers

It is proven chemicals used for coloring and scenting toilet paper is not environment friendly. Some producers use chlorine which discharges dangerous toxins and cause numerous health problems and also pollute nature and water. It is advised to read the labels when purchasing toilet paper and keep in mind the chemicals producers use are both dangerous for human health and nature.

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