Using Aluminum Foil When Cooking Food Can Be Dangerous: Here’s Why You Should Avoid It

Aluminum foil in the kitchen became a very popular thing, and many people in the world use it while cooking. But, one thing those people don't know is that a food wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked in the oven can be dangerous.

Using Aluminum Foil When Cooking Food Can Be Dangerous: Here’s Why You Should Avoid It

Aluminum is actually a very poisonous substance and it can harm our body. Harmful toxins can do damage to our body, and since the organism can’t flush out all the bad chemicals on its own, aluminum foil is only doing harm to our body. It can even cause aluminum poisoning.

Symptoms of Aluminum Poisoning

The most common symptoms are bone pain, confusion, muscle weakness, and seizures. Besides that, it can also delay growth and development when it comes to children. Also, anemia, brain diseases, respiratory problems and numerous other diseases can be caused by aluminum poisoning.

Where Can We Find Aluminum?

Aluminum can be found in the Earth’s crust, and since our body doesn’t need this kind of metal for healthy living, it can harm us. Nevertheless, this type of metal can be found in the food we use every day, or even in medicine. So, if you cook your food in aluminum foil, you are taking even more aluminum, since the aluminum is penetrating the food you eat.

Aluminum Poisoning Prevention

Our body is capable of processing small amounts of this metal, but we should avoid cooking in aluminum foil. Replace all pots and dishes made out of this metal, and use the ones made out of cast iron. And, never, never cook food wrapped in aluminum foil. Also, if you can, avoid processed and packed foods, since some food producers use this metal as a food preservative.

Try eating organic and fresh food, and try avoiding aluminum in any shape.

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