Uncommon Chest Exercises

If you’re in need of bringing something new to your chest workout regime, consider bringing in some new exercises into your chest training. Working the chest muscles with a great number of exercises and angles is an excellent approach, and these five movements can get you to that point.

The most popular exercises that add up resistance to some basic movements are the bench press, dumbbell flye, dumbbell press, cable crossover, and the push-ups. But they are surely not the only options. Take your chest training a step forward by taking a look at these techniques:


This type of chest press comes with a literal twist in order to utilize the benefits of reverse grip. It gives better results for the upper portion of the pectorals major as compared to a regular pronated grip.

Lie back on a bench and hold two dumbbells with a standard grip and arms over your chest. Lower the dumbbells to your outer chest, press and rotate them 180 degrees while you push back up. Hold it for 2 seconds before lowering into the next rep.



The close-grip weighted push-up increases the load on your chest, serving as a finishing move after working with the weights. The narrow hand position is key here.

Start in a push-up position with your hands about 10 centimeters apart, and slowly lower your chest to the ground, pressing back up.



Kettlebells are harder to hold than dumbbells, which will make you work harder for this one. Start with kettlebells that are lighter than the ones you would use on a standard flye.

Hold them over your chest, but turn your palms to face each other. Form a wide arc from the shoulders, lower your arms with elbows slightly bent. After slowly contracting the pecs, squeeze them as you bring your arms back up. Keep your shoulders back and squeeze your pecs together as you get to the top of the motion.



This tough exercise uses your entire body weight. Note that dips are usually done in an upright position in order to target the triceps areas. If you have shoulder issues, please start with smaller motion.

Place your hands on the bars, push up and lock your elbows. After crossing your legs back, lower yourself as long as your shoulders aren’t lower than the elbows are. Push up after it by extending your elbows.


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