UN Diet – 3 Months Diet, Lose 12-20 Kilos

Famous UN Diet - Slim down up to 20 kg

UN Diet – 3 Months Diet, Lose 12-20 Kilos

This is one of the most famous diets that last long but are actually meant to change your eating habits for good and also speed up your metabolism. It is also very good if you plan on losing weight in a healthy way. It lasts for 90 days and you will lose up to 20 kilos.

The meals and the menu:

The rules are very simple and easy to follow: there are 4 types of days to follow. In other words, certain foods are allowed on a specific day:

  • protein day
  • starch day
  • carbohydrates day
  • fruit day

Breakfast is always the same for all 90 days: it is fruits and you should be eating those in pairs – 2 apples, 2 bananas, 2 pears.

1St Day – Protein Day

Lunch: meat, cooked or roasted (240g) or 3 hardboiled eggs, 1 piece of bread, salad as much as you can eat, and the soup. Protein day also means you can eat cheese or drink milk, but be sure to eat 125g of meat or egg.

Dinner: everything the same as for lunch except for the soup. If you had dinner at home, you must eat meat for the dinner too.

2nd Day – Starch day

Lunch: beans, peas, spinach and potato. These foods are to be boiled and spiced with salt or ketchup.

Dinner: the same as foor lunch but portions must be halved.

3rd Day – Carbohydrate day

Lunch: pasta with ketchup or pizza with ketchup. You can eat 3 muffins instead.

Dinner: have two pieces of cake or 3-4 cookies or 4 balls of ice-cream. Whatever that is you’re having, include 1 line of dark chocolate.

4th Day – Fruit day

You eat the fruit and nothing but the fruit the whole day.

After having a cycle of 7*4 days, or 29 days (3 times during the diet), you must have a water day. On this day you only drink water, or sugar free tea. After this, continue with the protein day. Drink sugar or tea but do not add sugar at all.

Be persistent!

When you finish the cycle of 90 days, eat fruits for breakfast for another 90 days, while your lunch and dinner may be the same as you had your meals before this diet. Some people used this method and slimmed down for 3kg every week.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results, repeat the process again after 3 months.

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