Treating Breast Cancer Naturally – 5 Home Remedies

Homemade recipes for preventing and curing breast cancer


When thinking about preventing breast cancer, we usually think of healthy nutrition. Additional food supplements can also help in preventing this disease. Vitamin D supplements can protect our body from tumors.

Calcium and phosphorus intake are related to preventing the disease from developing. The optimal dosage of phosphorus is 1,5:1 but most people take more phosphorus due to excessive use of meat in everyday diet. By antioxidants intake you can avoid ever having symptoms of breast cancer, so it is advised to take 10 000-25 000 units of beta carotene, 100 mg coenzyme Q10, germanium mineral, 2 capsules of garlic (3 times a day), 10 000 mg of vitamin C. It is necessary to take zinc, selenium, copper, and manganese.

Macrobiotic recommendations for prevention cancer: persons who are diagnosed with cancer should exclude all food that originates from animals including dairy, meat products, eggs, and fatty foods. Nutritionists claim the breast cancer symptoms are being connected to excessive consumption of white sugar, honey, nonalcoholic drinks, tropical fruits, juices, and vegetables such as potatoes and egg-plants. Pastry should be avoided also, since they produce mucus. The only type of bread that should be consumed is unleavened wheat bread. All the foods and drinks with chemicals must not be used at all.

Treating breast cancer naturally

Alternative medicine offers various solutions for preventing disease, but also for curing the disease if it has occurred already.

Valeriana officinalis tea

Cleanses lymphatic system and is recommended for women who are diagnosed with fibro adenoma. Regular use of this tea can completely clean cysts and fibro adenoma in our body. It can also help in treating tumors.

Green tea for prevention


2008 study has shown drinking 3 cups of green tea a day lowers risks of developing cancer symptoms in women younger than 50 years old by 37%. An older study from Japan had proven the green tea intake can stop breast cancer from spreading in women in the perimenopause period. It is an excellent antioxidant and helpful with relieving toxins from organism.

Natural treatment of the breast cancer

Mix 100 gr of nettle, yarrow, and 300 gr of marigold. Pour 4 tablespoons of mixture in one liter of boiling water and leave covered for five or six minutes. Later pour into thermostat and drink it during the day. It is advised to drink about two liters of the tea. Put one teaspoon of Swedish bitter into the mix when drinking in the morning and in the night. Swedish bitter is proved to be an excellent prevention, even if the symptoms of breast cancer are already present.

 Tea mixture for blood and lymph cleansing

Mix 15gr of fresh red clover, five grams of fresh St. John’s wort and the list of raspberries and pour with 2dl of boiled water and leave it covered for at least 10 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups for 14 days.

Honey and Aloe Vera for breast tumor treatment

Mince 300 gr of Aloe Vera (the best is 3 years old aloe tree, and do not water it for 5 days prior to picking it and preparing), mix with 0,7l of red wine (homemade is the best), 500gr of minced root chicory, five ounces of 70-proof alcohol and 400 grams of spring floral honey with honeycomb. Put the mixture into a jar and leave the jar in the dark for 5 days. Start using it after 5 days.  In the first 5 days take a teaspoon 3 times a day, 120 minutes before meal. After that, take 1 tablespoon of mixture 3 times a day, 1 hour before any meal. The treatment should last for 21 days, but if the symptoms have progressed, the treatment should last 2 months exactly.

Word of advice: always strain the needed amount of mixture and keep the rest of the mixture in the dark and clod place. If the symptoms are already present, treatment should last for 2 months with appropriate diet and other medical procedures.

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