Traditional Remedy for Cancer and Leukemia

This folk remedy is very easy to prepare and the recipe is very simple. It won’t take much of your time, but it could help you immensely.

Traditional Remedy for Cancer and Leukemia

The people that have tried it have all said that, after a long period of regular use, it had shown amazing results.

There are many amazing aspects to this folk remedy, such as it fighting cancer and improving the overall wellbeing of your body. Try it for yourself, there’s no reason not to, since it has no negative side effects.

The only thing that could happen is that it actually increases your chances of fighting leukemia and cancer.

The recipe:

What you need to make this remedy is a handful of organic wheat. Plant the wheat in a plastic bowl and, when it sprouts 7-8 days later, harvest it. Take the harvested wheat-grass and put it in a blender, add 2 glasses of water and a few ice cubes. Blend thoroughly for a couple of minutes.

Sieve the mixture through a piece of gaze, to hold back the cellulose that our organism can’t digest ( this is a skill only animals have). Drink the green wheat juice every day. You can add it to your juice, or add it to a fruit mix like banana, mango and apple to hide the taste.

But there’s another, better method. Pour the juice into an ice bag and let it freeze. Drop a cube into your fresh fruit juice, tea or honey water every day. Some people don’t mind the taste of these green health cubes, so they drink it with a glass of water.

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