Top Three Useless Diets

By going on these diets, you'll lose your good health, not just the pounds!

Top Three Useless Diets

We all know the best ways to lose weight effectively come from changing our diets and lifestyles. But still, there are so many useless diets out there that just seem to be good for you, mostly because they promise quick weight losses.

Trust us, if you go on any of these three useless diets, you’ll start losing your well-being as well as weight.

The Dry useless diets 

It represents a radical way of losing weight by not drinking any water at all. This diet lasts 5 days, after which you can lose up to 4 kilograms, and when it comes to water intake, it’s limited to two glasses per day.

No other type of liquid is allowed here, and when it comes to food, you’re supposed to eat small meals, but without salt, as it ties the water in your body.

“With two meals per day, you won’t be able to get more than 500 calories in you,” scientists say.

The Flowing useless diets

One is also dangerous. The authors claim that you can lose up to 15 kilograms over two weeks. The diet requires you to consume ONLY the following:

  • fruit juices
  • soups
  • dairy products
  • herbal teas
  • water

The total amount of liquid you would take in every day should not exceed 3 liters. Imagine living like that for 14 days…

The Lemon useless diets

It lasts 14 days, but even though you can lose up to 9 kilograms, you’ll have to prepare the lemonade using:

  • 2 liters of hot water
  • three lemons
  • 14 spoons of maple syrup
  • half a spoon of chilli peppers

Every time you feel hungry, you’re supposed to drink a bit of that mixture. The authors of this diet also suggest salty water and green tea in order to help get rid of the toxins from your body.

“In order to get the most out of your day, drink 8-12 glasses of this lemonade,” the authors say.

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