Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is something that so many people, women especially, struggle with today, see how to get rid of cellulite

Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite

Today we are going to share with you our top four tips on how to get rid of cellulite very, very quickly. Cellulite is something that so many people, women especially, struggle with today. About 90% of women may struggle with cellulite in their life whereas about 10% to 20% of men will struggle with cellulite in their life. There are actually definite causes of cellulite buildup and ways you can reduce those in as little as a couple of days. The first thing you’ve got to realize if you have cellulite is that you have weak collagen structure. So your tissue cells are weak. In order to build those up and strengthen them up, you need specific types of amino acids. Many women today are deficient in amino acids, especially those who are vegan and who don’t get enough protein in their diet. The top amino acids that really support getting rid of cellulite are going to be proline and glycine or collagen. In collagen, those amino acids that make up collagen are the most important for that healthy cell structure.

Bone Broth


The ideal superfood for getting rid of cellulite is bone broth. Bone broth which is what makes up chicken soup or beef stew. It’s been used for thousands of years, and by the way, not the sort of soup or broth you think of that you pick up maybe in a carton at your grocery store. We are talking about the real deal, putting bones in a slow cooker or crock pot and allowing those bones to release those minerals as well as those amino acids in the liquid. Now, you can sometimes get a good bone broth. You can order them from websites like Wise Choice Market. It is where I personally order bone broth when I get it. But real bone broth, the number one thing you can do, those amino acids, proline and glycine, help build that strong cell structure.

Amino acids, Vitamin C, Sulfur


Think about this: Your skin produces collagen. As you age, you have less collagen so your skin starts to sag. Well, it’s the same thing with cellulite. You get that dimpled skin. Well, it’s weakened, it’s less collagen. You’ve got to build up collagen. Amino acids are the number one way. Also vitamin C rich foods help with that as well. Vitamin C rich foods like:

  • kiwis,
  • tomatoes,
  • also bell peppers,
  • lemons,
  • limes,
  • and grapefruit.

These are fantastic foods. Broccoli is packed with vitamin C. More vitamin C, more of those amino acids are really going to help with collagen production, as well as foods that are high in sulfur, such as onions, garlic, cabbage as well as asparagus and then sea vegetables like spirulina. All of those will help.

Imbalance of Sodium and Potassium


The next set of things that you want to do is you want to consume foods rich in potassium. Part of what causes cellulite to show up is the imbalance of sodium and potassium. Sodium causes your body to hold water. Potassium causes your body to flush water. So if you load up on those potassium rich foods and decrease the amount of sodium you’re using, it’s going to naturally reduce cellulite appearance.

The best foods that are high in potassium, and those are the foods you want to add in your diet are: bananas, sweet potatoes, mangoes, and kiwis, also certain type of vegetables high in potassium, like parsley and cilantro, but loading up on those foods. Also, even goat’s milk, yogurt. Those things are very, very high in potassium and will help decrease cellulite naturally and fast.

Healthy Fatty Acids


Another thing you want to be getting is healthy fatty acids to reduce cellulite, specifically Omega-3 fats. This is also important for cell and tissue structure. Wild-caught salmon is the ideal form of meat or any wild-caught fish to start to get rid of that excess cellulite.
So start adding in honey glazed salmon. But getting those Omega-3 fats and you may even want to take a fish oil as well, and then do some chia seeds and flax seeds. So:

are great for reducing cellulite buildup in the body.

Essential oils


The next thing we want to talk about are some natural treatments. You can make your own at-home cellulite cream with:

  • grapefruit essential oil,
  • cypress essential oil,
  • and coconut oil.

So again, grapefruit oil, do about three to five drops; cypress oil, three to five drops; a teaspoon of coconut oil and actually rub and massage the area of cellulite for two minutes. Do that every single day. That’s important.



And the last, but not least, step is getting out and exercising. Ideally, you do a form of exercise, like burst training. If you want to learn more about burst training. Exercise just 3 days a week for 20 minutes. We are not asking you to exercise an hour a day, an hour a week total. You will absolutely see results. In any type of exercise, burst training might be the best. Weight training is great. Pilates or barre classes are fantastic, if you’ve heard of barre or BarreAmped technique. But again, barre classes, weight training, or burst training, any one of those three are the best for getting rid of cellulite.

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