Tips for running a half marathon

Get ready to pass that finish line using these simple tips and guidelines

Tips for running a half marathon

So you have decided to run a half marathon. Whether it’s your first time or tenth time, ensure you’re always prepared for the challenges ahead of you.

First of all, ask yourself “Why am I doing it?”

There are a lot of reasons for one person to sign up for that half marathon, but never forget to keep one of the reasons stuck in your head and continuously repeat them. Even if it’s setting a personal best, be sure to remind yourself of it regularly and don’t forget how much it would mean to you.

Second: make sure that you have at least 12 weeks of training before doing the half marathon, as it’s long enough to safely build up your longest possible run and not so long that you start losing your motivation, which is the best part. For beginners, adding as little as a kilometer to your weekly run will surely put you in a position to cover the distance on race day with ease.

Third: try experimenting with food. As much as eating is very important, you do not want to even think about your stomach possibly hurting at the racing day. Get to know your metabolism better, see which sports drinks or food types help you recover faster from your long runs as it’s necessary.

Fourth: study the course itself. Why? Because no general goes into battle without knowing the map and so shouldn’t you. Make sure you’ve practiced the more complex segments of the road (the hilly parts, the narrow ones and so on).

Finally: train your mentality. The most important thing that you will need on race day is the confidence telling you you’re ready to fulfill that goal. Visualize the race day itself while training: see yourself crossing that finish line step by step, taking in nutrition and strategy how to respond when your legs stop listening to you. Gain confidence from all the hard work you did to sign yourself up for the challenge.

Good luck!