Thousands of Cured in Russia: The Best Remedy Against Hemorrhoids

This remedy is meant for everyone who tried to cure hemorrhoids with all kinds of creams, teas, and medicine, but nothing helped. If you are one of these people, then you have to try this simple recipe.

Thousands of Cured in Russia: The Best Remedy Against Hemorrhoids

The messy way of life, fast food, not enough exercise, pregnancy and constipation can cause high pressure on the veins in the rectum, which can lead to blood gathering and painful swellings. This we call hemorrhoids.

Itch, inner feeling of pressure, painful swellings, knots, and bleeding are the first symptoms that are showing you have hemorrhoids. In more severe cases you can ask for a medical help, but when the hemorrhoids are small, you can help yourself.

You can eat pulses, whole grain cereals, fresh fruit, and veggies. You can also avoid spicy and hot food. Water and juices are also recommended, and if you drink a beverage made from dried plums, you can prevent hemorrhoids.

Also, try not to sit for a long time. If you work in the office, just make a small break from time to time and walk a bit.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the rectum and they are not visible. They don’t heart usually and bleeding may be the only sign they exist.

External hemorrhoids – they are on the edge of the anus and usually very painful. They bleed only if they break. With the treatment, this type of hemorrhoids can be cured.

Recipe for Hemorrhoids

You only need one raw potato. The preparation is simple – you need to peel the potato and slice it into thin sticks. Put them into the freezer and let them stay there. Frozen sticks (one for each treatment) put in the anus. First four days leave the stick for 30 seconds and the next 3-4 days leave the stick to act for half minute longer.

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