This Woman Lost 50 Kilograms Eating Traditional Aboriginal Food

After getting rid of junk food, all she did was turn to her homemade dishes

This Woman Lost 50 Kilograms Eating Traditional Aboriginal Food

Thelma Lander is an Australian woman who has a success story of her own, and it’s pretty unique. She traded a diet that consisted of nothing more than junk food for the classical and traditional Aboriginal cuisine, focusing mostly on kangaroo tail and emu meat. That trade alone helped her lose almost 110 pounds.

Bubsy (as the locals around the hometown of Quilpie call her) had a stunning 300 pounds at her heaviest, and this south-west Queenslander was often challenged by tasks like shopping, or even leaving the house for a light walk.

She said it all put a huge pressure on her enlarged heart and lungs (due to her being fat), and therefore, she was always found exhausted. She also used to lean on fences as a way of assistance in her movement, just so she could get to the downtown area and back to her house.

The biggest weaknesses for this 71 year old great grandmother were (not surprisingly) junk food and alcohol. Her everyday routine was consisted of repeated drinking and eating, and without any exercising performed, she quickly put on a lot of weight.

Shortly after seeing the amount of fat she was carrying, luckily, a friend of her advised Bubsy to try eating cooked kangaroo tail and emu meat in order to lose that excess body weight as soon as possible, and she gave it a shot.

She quickly lost a lot of weight after developing a taste for the traditional dishes of the Aborigines, and today, she can fit in clothes that are 4 sizes smaller (from 26 to 18, which she can fit into with ease). She also said that the meat she cooks for herself is delicious, but just a bit dry if you eat it ordinary.

Today, you can find Bubsy doing studies in theology and social work as well, and with the blessing that she has been given, she is always ready to motivate others and get them to change their lives and become active.

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