This Miracle Baking Soda Shampoo Will Protect Your Hair

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This Miracle Baking Soda Shampoo Will Protect Your Hair

Baking soda found its wide use since scientists discovered its medical benefits. Did you know baking soda can help you with your hair quality? Our guess you didn’t, but it can help significantly. It is actually better than any shampoo or regenerator and your hair will look better after a few treatments.

It may feel strange it the beginning, but give it a shot because of the final results.

Mix ¼ baking soda and ¾ water. If your hair has a length reaching your shoulders, mix 2-3 tbsp and three times more water than soda. Stir the ingredients and dose it regarding your hair length. Apply the mix onto your hair and leave it for couple of minutes.

Rinse with hot water to remove the residue better. After washing it, apply some vinegar to your hair. Mix 1/5 vinegar and 4/5 water, and if you do not like the smell of the vinegar – add a couple of essential oil drops, for example lavender oil.

When applying this mixture, always close your eyes in order to protect them from the vinegar and massage the scalp. After applying vinegar, rinse with cold water, because it will not damage your hair and will give the healthy look and glow to your hair.

If your hair is too damaged, before you use baking soda shampoo take care of your hair with Yeast Eggs Banana And Honey Hair Mask

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