This Is A Must Have In Your Home (Recipe)

Easy to make, homemade apple vinegar

This Is A Must Have In Your Home (Recipe)

We usually use these ingredients for cooking, but it’s nice to know they can cure from diseases.

Here is what you need for homemade organic apple vinegar:

  • Organic apples washed and grated or blended in speed blender; water; a pinch of sugar.
  • If you have sour apples, add 1% sugar.
  • It is essential for fermenting; big glass bowl or a jar; gauze.

How to prepare it:

  • Grate the apples, put them in a jar, add sugar, pour water and cover with gauze.
  • Let in sit a while on 20 Celsius.
  • After 7-10 days, it will start to smell. After one month it is ready to use.

You should keep the vinegar in clean, sterile glass bottles.

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