The Healthiest Foods Ever (Part 5)

These foods help you during recovering heart surgery, weight loss, curing cancer and many more health states


Grapefruit came into true prominence as a health food when it was included in the diet for recovering heart surgery patients. But it really does have a lot going for it, nutritionally speaking, and is worth a place in your kitchen, either as a breakfast item, or a between meals snack.

The high levels of Vitamin C and carotenoids are what gives grapefruit its bang for the buck. The reason it’s can be such a healthy start to your day is because it’s giving your body a one up on all the free radicals that might be present, or that might be introduced as you go about your day. If you make this part of your daily routine, you can work to prevent things like cancer and other degenerative diseases because you helped your body stay fighting strong day by day.
They contain:
Vitamin A – 23% – While Vitamin C gets a lot of attention, A is also important.
Vitamin C – 52% – Not bad, getting half your needs met with one serving.
Fiber – 1.6g – Considered a good source of fiber as well.



Asparagus should make it onto your plate on a pretty regular basis. It makes a great addition to a meal, like a side to salmon or other lean meats.
Asparagus is a good detoxifying vegetable, and has a diuretic effect, helping to purge the body of excess water, and flush toxins.

It has:
Vitamin A – 20% – The ever-present Vitamin A makes another appearance on our list.
Protein – 2.4g – a good source of vegetable protein.
Fiber – 2g – may not seem like a lot, but ranks has a high fiber food.

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