The Flexitarian Diet: Go Meatless And Lose Weight

The main mission of the Flexitarian diet is not to eat meat and lose weight in a healthy way.

The Flexitarian Diet: Go Meatless And Lose Weight

This type of diet is based on eating plants and cut calories very healthy. Not everyone can become vegetarian, and this diet doesn’t require that, since you will be able to eat meat, but much less than you used to.

The Food That You Can Eat

You can eat everything, but the main point is to eat food that is based on plants. The book written by Dawn Jackson Blanter, author and dietitian, advises not to consume meat more than twice a week.

When your body becomes used to this diet, you will be able to go meatless for five days or more in just one week.

Medium Hard Diet

It’s never easy to completely cut out meat from your diet, so baby steps are just fine. You can start with meatless breakfast and after a while you will be able eat meatless lunches and dinners too.

Consummation of extra veggies is recommended and meal preparation is relatively easy, but you won’t be able to eat packaged food or meals. Of course, you must exercise at least 30 minutes per day, if you want to see the results quickly

How Much Does The Flexitarian Diet Cost?

You can even save up some money, because tofu and beans, and other ingredients full of proteins are less expensive than poultry and meat.

Does It Really Work?

This diet will work simply because fruits and vegetables are high in nutrition and low in calories, so you can eat more of them, and gain less weight than when you eat meat.

Of course, becoming vegetarian will not guarantee you a weight loss, but all the searches showed that vegetarians weight less than meat lovers.

Health Properties of This Diet

Since you will be eating less meat, this diet will prevent several health problems, such as  high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.


This diet is good for people who tend to eat more veggies and plant based food, and it will improve overall health. On the other hand, the Flexitarian diet cannot be a quick solution for losing weight. So if you are looking for a healthy plant based diet with which you will lose weight gradually, then this is the perfect diet for you.

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