Shoking facts, The Dangers of Nutella!!!

We could not claim that the components consisted of in Nutella are undesirable or GMOs, yet occasionally just one suffices making the item bad for us.

Shoking facts, The Dangers of Nutella!!!

We should all be more careful of what we eat and especially what we give our children to eat. There are so many foods on the market that contain GMO and we are usually unaware of it.

Nutella is believed as one of those well-balanced meals, but the truth is quite opposite. Nutella consists of 4 harmful active ingredients.


Lots of individuals will certainly differ with this, considering that the Oriental societies consume soy frequently for centuries. They consume little amounts of normally expanded soybeans, which is not the situation with the western society today where soy is eaten in big quantities.


You could see that the tag claims ‘no synthetic shades’, yet they neglected to create the abnormal tastes like vanillin. Your mind is in deception which makes the vanillin champion. Vanillin is really dangerous for us considering that it makes us addicted while connecting with the receptors in the mind and also producing serotonin, the hormonal agent of joy.


We are speaking about the sugar stemmed from GMO sugar which is quite affordable because it is filled with chemicals and transformed into sugar that our body is not able to identify. The reality is that these sugars are also recognized as neurotoxins.

Skim milk

Cheap milk is usually obtained from the cows that were fed with GMO corn. In other cases cows were treated with antibiotics, to be cured from various diseases. This milk is then used in food industries. This milk is cheaper than the other, and it is used widely, because it is very affordable. In some cases, powder milk is added to water and it is used as a replacement for ordinary cow milk.

This is all enough for you to say no to neurotoxins, GMO sugar, low-cost as well as abnormal vanilla and lastly state a huge NO to Nutella.

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