The 4 Big Benefits of Dandelion Tea

FInd out the top 4 benefits you can get from dandelion tea


As discussed in our previous article, dandelion has many medicinal benefits which can be consumed by making a tea from its roots. In this article, we’ll be going over the top 5 benefits you can easily gain from drinking dandelion tea.1. It’s Anti-inflammatory

As confirmed by the United States National Library of Medicine, dandelion acts as an effective anti-inflammatory, giving it several real-world applications. By brewing dandelion, waiting for the tea to cool then applying it directly to the inflamed area you can treat swelling.

2. It’s an antioxidant 

Multiple sources suggest that by drinking dandelion tea, you can promote a youthful appearance. This is largely due to its high concentration of antioxidants, which work within the body to flux impurities. Dandelion tea can be drunk to cleanse and detoxify the liver, kidneys, and stomach, which will help you feel clearer and more active.

Dandelions’ antioxidants have also been shown to reduce the development of cataracts by targeting free radicals in the body and preventing them from damaging cells.

3. It’s easily brewed into a tonic

As per the recipe provided in our previous article, brewing dandelion tea into a tonic is just as simple. To create a tonic, simply reduce the amount of water and the amount of dandelion to 50/50. Dice the dandelion root and leaves until fine, then add into a blender with a little water to create a fine paste. Add the paste to a pot with the water and simmer until the water reduces to produce the same paste texture.

Drinking this tonic, in addition to the detox benefits mentioned above, has also been shown to increase overall liver and kidney health. The detox process reduces overall toxicity, but studies featured in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research have shown that by drinking tonic brewed from the root and leaves, you can prevent damage from occurring to the liver by building up an overall defense.

4. It makes you pee

Certainly a familiar trick from my school days, even smelling a dandelion for as little as 5 seconds can induce the need to urinate within humans. Although this might sound like a negative, when you urinate you’re in fact flushing toxins and unwanted chemicals from your body. By smelling or drinking dandelion tea, you’ll increase the amount you go to the bathroom and promote all-round health.

We hope you’ve found this article interesting. For more information on the benefits of dandelion tea, take a look at our other article.

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