Summer weight loss tips

Followed by a nice diet plan that should help you lose that weight!

Summer weight loss tips

Stand in front of your mirror. Are you unhappy with what you see? Do you know that it’s almost summer time? As you’ve gained some weight, you might feel the need to just go outside, run, join a gym, and find some eating tips to help you along the way. Remember that you’re never alone; a lot of people, even those that don’t care about their appearances, are prone to gaining weight. But you can make the difference and become a fighter, even though it’s nearly summer. All you’ll need to do is follow some key points that will get you to your desired results: smaller portions, much more protein, and healthy carbs. If you’re in love with what McDonalds or Burger King has to offer, you have to say no to them and ditch them whenever you get a craving for a hamburger. Don’t think that being active in a gym means that you can eat anything you want, because that’s just wrong.

But before going into more details, remember these tips:

  • Turn off the TV while eating
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Sleep as long as you can
  • Plan your own meals, and cook them as well
  • Don’t lose your motivation

Your new diet will have a cheat day (the last day of the week, to be specific), where you’ll be free to eat whatever you want. But don’t eat too much.

Breakfast – for breakfast, you can make a lot of variations with fruits, eggs, and meat. Our suggestion is to try a scrambled egg with a thin bagel, and some small chicken breasts.

Lunch – your lunch should have a slightly larger amount of calories than your breakfast. Make some combinations of your favorite vegetables, meat, and don’t forget salad.

Dinner – take half of a baked potato with Greek yoghurt, and that should be just about enough to fill your stomach. Also, you’re free to take nuts whenever you wish, as most of them are healthy.

Don’t forget this: when it comes to cheat day, you are only allowed to swap a single meal with whatever kind of food you wish to eat!

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