Strong Component In Grape Seed Extract Causes Prostate Cancer Cell Death

Lately there have been a number of studies on effects of grape juice on prostate cancer.

Prostate gland that is a part of the male reproductory system and is generally small in size as that of a walnut; often it gets enlarged due to inflammation that causes prostate cancer.  It is also known as BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). One of the first sign of BPH is issues like difficulty in urination.

Prostate cancer or BPH is quite common among the older and middle aged men; but it can also affect the younger ones alike.  While there are many causes which may lead to this condition, the most important one is being overweight.  Men who are overweight are more likely to have inflammation of the prostate gland which, if left untreated, may develop to prostate cancer.

While it is common to go for chemotherapy and other forms of treatment, many men are inclined to try the natural cures for inflammation of the prostate gland.

There are many food substances that are seen to help in this condition and often are associated with reducing inflammation and at times even reversal of cancer.

Grape is one search naturally occurring foods and during various studies, it has been found that an extract of the grape seed is helpful in reversal of the condition.  This is because the extract consists of a large amount of bioflavonoids – also known as procyanidins. The new research on grape seeds suggests that bioflavonoid compounds present in it can kill the cancer completely.

During their research the scientists from the Cancer Research Center of the University of Colorado could successfully synthesize the active compound that is responsible for the cancer cure that is bioflavonoid in the laboratory and thereafter comprehensively prove that it was able to eliminate cancerous cells. As per Dr. Alpana Tyagi, one of the lead scientists of the University of Colorado, the extract from the grape seeds has a fine mixture of polyphenols that contain the active bioflavonoids; which lead to killing the cancerous growth.

The researchers could find the most active of the grape seeds’ compounds and identified it as procyanidin B2G2; but the problem with this chemical was that it was not available in sufficient quantities.  They could overcome this by successfully creating the synthetic compound which has exactly same composition and properties and could form a strategy for further research for the successful treatment of prostate cancer

The best part of the entire experiment turned out to be the fact that it was easier to synthesize the active compound within the laboratory at just at a fraction of the cost of the original one hence ensuring sufficient quantity for the successful treatment of prostate enlargement as well as cancer in the long run.

As per Dr Alpana Tyagi, it is much easier to get an approval from the FDA for any further trials once we know the active ingredients, mechanism as well as the effects.  This makes it possible to conducting more studies of effects of this compound in the treatment of prostate cancer and moves the trials from Petri-dish stage to the actual patients.

Besides its study in the case of prostate cancer, grape juice has traditionally been associated with many other health benefits too.  There have been many studies which associate grape juice extract in treatment of conditions like venous insufficiency in which it improves the flow of blood from legs to the heart.  It can also be very helpful in conditions that associated with diabetes.

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