Some Common Substitutes of Unhealthy Food in Our Daily Diet

Believe it or not, most of the food items in a Standard American Menu are wrongly viewed as “healthy”. This misconception is largely due to the clever marketing gimmicks and lack of awareness.

It is a fact that most of the “trendy” food items that we have today end up actually harming our health in the long run. Hence it would be better to sit back and think about substituting some, or all of them with healthier options.So, here I am giving you a list of ten substitute diet foods that you can try. There are many more but then, we can make a small beginning with these and built up on it as we move on.

My List of top ten misconceived “good food” items that you should substitute by some really healthier options is:


Pasta is yummy! Yes…. But is it good for health? Try eating spaghetti squash instead. It will cut down your calorie intake to 1/5th and give you a better composition of various vitamins.

Skimmed milk

Skimmed milk consists of sugar as well as many synthetic vitamins. It is better to opt for coconut or unsweetened almond which helps in cutting down the calorie intake to half making it a much healthier option.

Soya Sauce

A lot has been said about health benefits of soya beans and its byproducts but what is not known is that unfermented soy causes endocrine system imbalance, since it is a hormone receptor. Hence it is best to avoid soy sauce; especially in case someone is suffering from any auto-immune diseases. Instead, substitute them with coconut aminos which besides giving the same flavor also have a very impressive amino acid content which is vital for the body.

Agave nectar

This is a commercially marketed sugar substitute that consists of almost 90 % fructose, and has absolutely no nutrients. Try raw honey instead; which is not only sweet but also has many antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also promotes bodies General Health and digestive system.

Commercial energy sports drinks

Commercially available sports drinks have artificially induced minerals’ and vitamins. Try having coconut water instead; which is the nature’s way of giving our body what it needs in the most natural form. It is also a balanced drink that replenishes our body with natural ingredients.

Latte Coffee

Latte looks great as it is fluffy and frothy, but it also consists of large sugar content and is packed with calories. Besides this, Coffee is a GMO crop and may have had exposure to pesticides and chemicals; hence it is to avoid it and instead substitute it with organic beans.


Margarine is not a natural product at all! It is made in laboratories artificially and consists of large amount of sugar as well as trans-fats that affect or blood vessels and the cholesterol levels. It is better to have butter or ghee instead as both are natural products with much more nutritional value and are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.


We know sugar is not good for our body, yet we have it in so many ways; most commonly as a sweetener in tea, coffee and beverages.

What most do not realize is that sugar also causes inflammation which is not good news for our bodies.

Therefore it is best to avoid it or substitute it with healthier options like cinnamon –which is full of benefits and is also referred to as the wonder spice that has many medicinal properties like having a positive effect on blood sugar levels.


Bread is known to be harmful since it consists chiefly of sugar and carbohydrates which are not good for the body. It also has many additives like gluten and preservatives to increase the shelf life. Instead, Collard Wrap is a much and healthier option since it is full of nutrients and also has cholesterol lowering capability.

Sour cream

Yes, we know that so many of our dishes like baked potatoes, tacos and creamy dips taste much better with sour cream but then is it good for health?

It is best to substitute it with an equally tasty, better, more nutritional and healthy option like the Greek yoghurt which consists of natural bacteria and is good for our immune system.

The list can go on and on!

There is no simply no end to finding better substitutes for commonly used food products that may have negative impact on our health. The trick is to understand, improvise and innovate; we can still have tasty food while having healthy and natural options.

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