If You Do This While You Sleep, Cancer Can Spread 50% Faster Through Your Body

There are more and more things that can cause cancer, and this one is very serious. Snoring can be very dangerous and it helps cancer to spread through the body. Tumors grow fast with people with apnea, a disorder that interferes breathing when sleeping.

If You Do This While You Sleep, Cancer Can Spread 50% Faster Through Your Body

Scientists discovered that this interruption in breathing is suitable for developing of cancer cells. A state where the muscles of the throat and neck limit airflow and makes the shortage of oxygen in vital organs. As an answer, a body releases a protein that initiates the formation of more blood vessels. That leads to even more shortage of oxygen, and also feeds cancer cells.

Snoring is the most common in middle-aged men with excess weight. In the most severe cases, breathing is interrupted even for 10 seconds to every two minutes. It is well known that this doubles the risk of stroke and increases the risk of heart problems for 80%.

Most people are not aware of this problem since some cases didn’t have a proper diagnosis. Experts in a medical clinic in Barcelona found that this state increases development of harmful cells because they studied hypoxia in mice.

Wearing special masks and treating snoring can decrease the development of cancer cells.

“Patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea usually suffer from intermittent hypoxia at night,” Dr. Antoni Vilaseca, who led the new animal study, said in a statement. “This work shows that intermittent hypoxia has the potential to promote the formation of blood vessels within tumors, meaning that the tumors have access to more nutrients.”

“This is, of course, an early animal study, so we need to be cautious in applying this to humans,” Vilaseca explained.

“Nevertheless, this work indicates a plausible mechanism for just why conditions which restrict oxygen flow to tissues, like sleep apnea, may promote cancers.”


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