Six Surprising Skin Benefits of Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a very healthy herb, especially in a field of skin care

Six Surprising Skin Benefits of Hibiscus

Many people don’t know, but hibiscus can be very helpful when it comes to skin problems. This herb can be used for exfoliation, hair re-growth and as anti-aging medicine. Tea made out of it will prevent heart attacks. All parts of this plant can be used, flowers for skin care and leaves for hair growth, so nothing gets thrown away.

Here are the skin benefits of Hibiscus:


Because it is full of anti-oxidants, hibiscus will help in healing the skin damaged by UV rays, dust, pollutants and all other harmful factors, and because of that your skin will look youthful and fresh.


Hibiscus has the organic acid, which helps in removing dead skin cells, so you don’t need to use a scrub.

Wound Healing

Hibiscus extract can promote healing of wounds, as several studies have shown.


Besides healing properties, Hibiscus has also anti-bacterial benefits so it will prevent infection when applied to the wound.

Using Hibiscus on Skin

You can use Hibiscus and several different ways:


Add it to natural scrub and get rid of dead skin cells with organic acid.


Besides scrubbing properties, you can use Hibiscus for cleansing with minimum chances of irritation.

Side Effects of Hibiscus

Even though Hibiscus has plenty health benefits, it can cause burning and redness if it is used by sensitive skin type. These side effects are minimal, so you can use this herb without worry.

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