Science Finally Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer

There have been many studies recently that point to the fact that Cannabis has a potential for treatment for cancer

Science Finally Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer

There have been many studies recently that point to the fact that Cannabis has a potential for treatment for cancer. This has opened the door to new research for it being used as a potential drug for eradication of various types of cancer.

It is a well known fact the Cannabis has many medical uses. Since time immemorial, it has been used by medical practitioners through all the ages for treatment of many commonly occurring health problems.

Lately, scientists chanced to come upon its effects on cancerous cells and discovered ample proof that which suggested its potential efficacy in killing the cancer cells. In fact, in some cases it was found to be so effective that the scientists at NIH (National Institute of Health) claim that it also has many other benefits; and can be used for treating other symptoms of Cancer as well as the side effects of traditional forms of treatment of cancer like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Dr Christina Sanchez, who is the lead researcher of this pioneering study on Cannabis as a mode of treatment goes on to say that, “during her research, THC which is the primary psychoactive constituent of the Cannabis plant has been seen to destroy the cancer cells completely.” Cannabinoids, the compounds which are the active components of the Cannabis plant help in activating the various cannabinoid receptors in our body.

In fact, as per Doctor Dr Christina Sanchez, our own body that produces quite a lot of what she called as “endocannabinoids” which are responsible for activation of various processes of living cells and create a healthy atmosphere within our body. Not only that, she also goes on to say that cannabis is not only a potential anticancer drug but it also prevents psychoactive side effects of any other mode of treatment.

In her words, Cannabinoids are essential towards for strengthening our immune system; therefore they also prove to be the main instruments that help in eradicating the cancer cells completely. She further added that not only does this plant have the potential for killing cancer cells but it also helps in overcoming all the side effects.

Since then, there have been many trials and there are reports that prove the efficacy of this treatment. Many cancer patients have shown a marked improvement in their general health in a very short time after they started using this as part of their ongoing treatment.

The main reason why the immune system gets a boost is the presence of cannabinoids. However, this cannot be delivered in our system by smoking; the common form of consumption of Cannabis. The only way to do it is when it is either consumed in the raw form or extract in form of juice or oil.

How does it work?


The endocannabinoid system of our body regulates a lot of biological functions like appetite, reproduction, motor behavior and many other functions that go on day in and day out. Cannabis releases endocannabinoid too, which is why this plant has been found to have a lot of therapeutic potential.

During various studies on cancerous cells it was found that THC, the main component of cannabis was killing the cancerous cells in a healthy way; that is, they were sort of committing suicide without harming the other cells, which is what you want from any good method of treatment of cancer. Therefore, one of the advantages of cannabinoid treatment is that it essentially targets the tumor cells specifically and does did not have any toxic effect on the normal cells.

It is important to note that it is still not a fully proven method and it will take some time before it comes in a face off competition with a traditional mode of cancer treatment like chemotherapy. But it does bring a hope as a potential anti cancer drug of the future.

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