Russian Herbalist Shared Remedy That Will Help You Take Off Excess Fat

Dr. Stefanovska revealed, "With this recipe the group of women successfully decreased waist size for one centimeter per day." This remedy eliminates excess fat and water from the body, improves brain function, hearing, memory and eyesight.

Russian Herbalist Shared Remedy That Will Help You Take Off Excess Fat

The main ingredients of the remedy are fresh horseradish, honey and organic lemon. People already know all the healing properties of honey and lemon, but some of them don’t know too much about horseradish.

Horseradish (lat. Armoracia rusticana) is a perennial plant with green leaves, white root and harsh taste. It comes from the Mediterranean and western Asia. In feeding, horseradish is commonly used root, but the young leaves of the plant are often very tasty. Because it is full of vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B1 and B6, calcium, magnesium, and other ingredients, horseradish is an excellent medicine.

It is excellent with great food because it helps with digestion. It will clean your organism, boost your metabolism and horseradish is recommended for diabetic people. Horseradish juice kills bacteria that cause dysentery and tuberculosis, salmonella, as well as many of the fungi. Promotes digestive function by stimulating the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices, bile and pancreatic enzymes. Horseradish stimulates the liver, stimulates the heart and circulation and, in addition, is an excellent diuretic, and helps with rheumatism.

You will need:


Take horseradish and blend it. Chop three lemons, take the seeds and blend it with the peel. Mix it with horseradish and add honey. Keep this mixture in a closed jar in a fridge.

Take one tablespoon of this remedy two times a day with a meal. Use it for three weeks and you will see how your waist is slimming down.

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