Rub Your Thumb and Index Finger for 60 Seconds

Try this simple massage and cure yourself

Did you know you can get rid of many health issues by only rubbing your fingers?

It might never occur to you that some parts of our body are connected to the other, and the amazing result we can get by stimulating certain points.

For example, did you know you can relieve from pain by rubbing your fingers?

The greatest effects we get with massaging thumb and index finger. We encourage you to try this and see for yourself.


Thumbs are connected to heart and lungs. Rub your thumbs and get rid of the pain in them.

Also, if you are experiencing arrhythmia of shortness of breath, massage your thumbs and experience results in 60 seconds.

Index finger

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If you have problems with your spleen or stomach pains, try massaging your index finger.

This is also effective for constipation problems.

Index finger is also connected to colon and stomach, so if there are problems with constipation or diarrhea, rub your index finger for 60 seconds.

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