Rosemary Oil Benefits

Did you know it was used by ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Hebrews?

Rosemary is considered sacred by ancient people (Rosmarinus officinalis) as they think of it as a much more than an aromatic herb that tastes good on both potatoes and roasted lamb.
Rosemary has a woody scent and belongs in the mint family. When it comes to its health benefits, it has been shown to boost nerve growth and support the brain’s functioning ability.
Native to the Mediterranean, it has been used in medicine for thousands of years to:

  • Improve memory
  • Soothe digestion
  • Relieve muscle pains

Rosemary is also a very popular ingredient in skin and hair care products, and there are still researchers that are starting to dig deeper into its medicinal characteristics. In addition to the already amazing healing abilities that rosemary has, research has uncovered that rosemary essential oil is also effective in several other areas.

Rosemary Oil Helps Hair Grow
Many people around the world also claim that putting a little rosemary oil on your scalp can prevent baldness, slow down the process of graying, and can be used to treat dandruff and dry scalp.



Rosemary Improves Memory
Worn by Greek scholars to enhance their learning abilities and memory when taking exams, the mental strengthening ability of rosemary has been known for centuries. Probably due to its calming effect, rosemary produces a significant enhancement of performance for overall quality of memory and secondary memory factors.
Rosemary also helps people become more alert.



Liver Detoxification and Proper Gallbladder Function
Rosemary is also an amazing detoxifier. There have been studies in India uncovering how rosemary usage greatly enhances your body’s bile flow and reduces plasma liver enzymes. And by helping improve the bile-producing gallbladder (as well as balancing out the microflora in your gut), your nutrient absorption gets boosted, helping to prevent reverse/prevent toxic overload.

Rosemary Lowers Stress
Although lavender and rosemary are both essential oils that enhance free radical scavenging activity, scientists have also discovered that they reduce stress hormone cortisol levels, which protects the body from chronic disease due to oxidative stress.



When it comes to using rosemary, it is recommended that you do not use on children that have under 4 years of age. Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider before making any essential oil a part of your kids routine.

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