Ronnie Brower Lost 193kg – Here’s How!

Taylor Swift as inspiration for extreme weight loss

Ronnie Brower Lost 193kg – Here’s How!

Do you ever recall on those lazy days when you think you’re just too tired to go to the gym, skipping it in the end? Skipping the next day as well can happen often, without you even noticing it. Soon, you’ll find yourself at home with nothing more than an expired gym membership card. Imagine if Ronnie Brower experienced the same thing.
Ronnie Brower is a man who had a body weight of 675 pounds in the year of 2013. In that time, he lived an unhealthy lifestyle, becoming an addict to drugs and alcohol, which all resulted in a depression he had, leading to a very threatening body weight. His doctors told him that he wouldn’t be able to live for another ten years with that lifestyle. All he needed was an inspiration to get started with the weight loss, which he found in his favorite singer Taylor Swift.


He made the decision to become a future inspiration to all obese people out there, and starting with a very strict workout and diet program (and with a whole bunch of Taylor Swift songs), Brower managed to lose almost 440 pounds. His former high school teacher, Joe Bufano, was a man who provided the most help in terms of his fitness regime and diet. A huge breaking point was the moment when he did a small push up and an ab crunch, making him believe that the impossible can and will happen.

Ronnie Brower managed to lose 425 pounds to reach his target weight of only 250 pounds, and he has even made a Facebook page (600 lbs to Success) as a way of documenting every single one of his exercise routines. All he posts now are media coverages which he gets because of his amazing success story.


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