Ringworm Of The Skin – How To Recognize And Treat

Ringworms are often an itchy and stubborn problem. Find out some practical home remedies.

Ringworm Of The Skin – How To Recognize And Treat

Ringworms appear on the skin in form of circular patch, and is often an itchy and stubborn problem. Its cause is fungi and it can be very unpleasant issue. There are some other skin rashes that can look like this one, i.e. various forms of neurodermatitis and eczema, so the safest way to get a diagnosis is by visiting a doctor.

Fungi normally live on the surface of our skin but sometimes things can get complicated and we often end up with various problems on our skin. Usually it is the weaken immune system that lead to skin rashes but also a poor diet, lack of vitamins and minerals, and stress.

Ringworm can appear on any part of the skin. It is usually red or white; the surface appears dry and itchy. It is followed with hair loss of the affected area, but sometimes they can appear on the scalp and then the treatment is longer and more difficult.

Ringworm Of The Skin – Natural Treatment and recipes

There are many products on the market that treat this problem, but we will give you some natural ways of treating the issue.

If you have this problem on your face, we suggest you try this simple recipe:

  • prepare a fresh strawberry juice and apply onto a face like a mask, leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse. Repeat the process for 7 days

These recipes may help for skin cleansing:

  • Mixture of 2 tablespoons of minced mint, marigold flower, dandelion root and celery soak into 1l olive oil. Seal the bottle and keep in warm place for 5 weeks. Apply to the affected area and previously clean the area with chamomile tea.
  • Hyssop oil has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps with ringworm problems of the skin. A few drops of this oil mix with soybean oil and apply to the affected area.
  • Mash the walnuts’ green peel and apply to the affected area 4 times a day until they completely vanish.
  • Plantain – grind 30g of fresh plantain, pour into bottle and pour in 120ml of olive oil. Leaves should be soaked in oil. Leave the bottle in the sun for 40 days, then filter it through gauze and pour into a dark glass bottle. Apply this product onto the affected area.

Marigold cream recipe

Pick 2 handfuls of marigold (flowers, leaves and stalk). Melt 500g of fat and bring to boiling. Put the chopped flowers into the fat and let it boil again, stir and put it to cool down. Leave it over the night. Next day the mixture should be mildly warmed up and filtered through gauze. Pour it in the container and apply to the affected spot several times a day and the problem should disappear.

Apple cider vinegar for skin

It is used for various skin and mucosal conditions, but since it is a strong substance, it should always be mixed with water. Never use it undiluted because it can affect the fungi to grow even more. Apple cider vinegar is helpful with ringworms on the head and it is recommended to mix it with walnut oil.

Excessive skincare and skin infections

Dermatologists sax that excessive use of soap and water, as well as skin scrubs may destroy skin’s natural PH balance and make it susceptible for skin issues like ringworms and such. After taking a shower, skin should be hydrated with cream or natural oil, so the protecting layer is created. Chemical products should be avoided, because they damage the skin and our health. You can prepare the lotions and creams yourself: mix olive oil and linseed oil with a little water and salt and treat your skin after taking a shower. People who have problems with excessive sweating should change their clothes more often because wet skin is irritated and suitable for ringworms to form.

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