Remove Earwax with These Six Simple Tips

Earwax, or cerumen, is a natural lubricant in our ears. Its role is to protect sensitive area which can be caused by violent organisms and bacteria.

Remove Earwax with These Six Simple Tips

Even though earwax has protective properties, if it is deposited in larger amounts, earwax can become annoying and very irritating. This condition can cause irritation, dizziness, itching or even hearing loss. Yes, cerumen is cleaned naturally, but we sometimes have to clean it and eliminate excess amount.

People often clean their ears with cotton swabs, but it is proven that this technique only pushes the earwax deeper in the rear canal. This practice accelerates cerumen accumulation, leading to obstruction eventually.

You can eliminate earwax with these simple and effective tips:

Olive Oil

Olive oil will soften earwax and help in its removing. You just need to drop 2-3 drops in the ear, before you go to bed. Sleep on the opposite side and repeat this treatment for 3 of 4 nights


Just like olive oil, glycerin also softens cerumen, and you can find it in every pharmacy. Put several drops in each ear, three times a day.

Paraffin Oil

The safest way to clean your ears is to use paraffin oil, and the great thing is that you can find it in every pharmacy.

You need to heat three tablespoons of paraffin oil over a fire, and then pour several drops in your ear. After that, lay still for some time and rinse it with warmish water. You will need to do this three times in order to completely clean your ears.

Vinegar and Alcohol Solution

You need to mix equal amounts of alcohol solution and vinegar and apply several drops of this mixture in every ear.

Saline Solution

For this mixture you will need to soak cotton bale in one teaspoon of salt mixed with 1/2 of water.

Pour several drops in one ear and wait for several minutes. When the cerumen is softening in the ear canal, tilt your head on the opposite side, forcing the solution to drain out.

Hydrogen peroxide

Mix equal parts of water with 3% hydrogen and apply several drops in your ear. Shake your head and wait for several minutes. After a while tilt your head to the opposite side, so the liquid can come

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