Reducing Belly Fat – What Is The Best Way?

Belly fat is something that’s always there, whether it be in small or great amounts, it’s just not easy to get rid of. And most of it is made out of visceral (also known as deep) fat, which is a lot more different in physiological terms then the regular fat, which rests just underneath your skin. And studies have shown that visceral fat can lead up to all kinds of inflammations throughout the entire human body, further increasing the risk of getting diseases. This led to a research conducted in 2012 by Mayo Clinic, and it showed that people have more chances to die prematurely if they have normal body mass indexes and large waistlines than those who are qualified as obese people but have normal to narrow waists.
On the other hand, visceral fat is vulnerable and defeatable by exercising. If you’re not into exercising, then changing the food you eat and altering your entire diet can be another great method, as reducing the amount of calories you take every day will help reduce that visceral fat; but still, exercising is the number one method for getting rid of it. Exercising for at least two times per week can lead up to a lot of fat loss – about 10 percent of visceral fat is something you should lose within a year.
There’s still no certainty when it comes to which exercise is the best at fighting belly fat. Some suggest endurance training (jogging), while some might tell you that weight training is the way to go. We recommend mixing it up – do both types of exercises regularly and you will be a lot closer to your goal. And don’t forget this one: sit-ups will not slim down your belly, even though that exact exercise is promoted by many people out there. Scientists suggest going out for a walk rather than doing sit-ups, as it will do you better.

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