Reasons why you’re not losing fat

Fat loss blues. Most people can experience it, and here’s why!

Reasons why you’re not losing fat

When your fat losing process stalls a bit, it may feel like things are not going as planned. You might ask yourself “why is it not working?” And seriously, what else are you supposed to do to lose more weight? It’s obvious that your frustration levels will rise, and you will also become discouraged because you will feel like you’re not getting the results, even though you’re strictly following the diet and training enough. Well, when situations like these come, that would be to time to break the cycle and get your fat loss reignited. The actual truth is, you are closer to getting your ideal and desired body weight than you think, but you simply have to find out the mistakes you’re making, as they are ruining your entire progress! Also, when you notice them, make sure to apply some easy changes that will switch your body into a fat burning stove, so let’s get on with the mistakes!

You still think that cardio is the correct answer. Well, it’s not. That traditional cardio workout you do every day is something that sucks for fat loss, as it will not burn enough calories. Instead of doing cardio, try doing interval training, which burns a lot more calories and creates an amazing metabolic effect that increases your fat burn even more.

Your cheat days are wrong. Even though cheat days are on most diets’ plans, you are limited. The key things is to not take high-fat foods.

You’re not eating enough protein. Skipping protein is as bad as skipping a workout day. If you avoid eating protein, your fat loss burning process will slow down, and it’s good because it keeps you full and maintains your muscle mass as well.

You’re stressed. Being under stress blocks you from losing fat. Take time to relax with things like stretching, or even yoga, and definitely don’t forget rest days!

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