Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in the world. Nevertheless, doctors say this disease is treatable in about 80% if symptoms are discovered on time. Therefore, women are ought to conduct self-examination, undergo an ultrasound exam once a year and have a mammography exam once in two years, once they are over 40 years old.If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and decides to go for a treatment, it usually means surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy but also various alternative ways of treatment. Statistics say it is the most successful to combine standard treatment and alternative treatment, which includes radical diet change and adding medical therapeutic herbs that should be taken the first a person is diagnosed, but also as prophylaxis.

Breast cancer is known for lacking the first symptoms of the disease, therefore it is not always easy to recognize it at such early stage. Even though breast pain can be scary, it is important to say the pain is rare at early stage of disease, only 10% of women have it. The limp is what is first discovered in 80% of cases. Also, 2 of 3 women have watery, purulent or sanies discharge from the nipples. If these symptoms occur, it usually means the disease has progressed. In the later stage of the disease, lymph glands may be swollen. Doctors have concluded that almost 6 years is needed for these little changes to progress into cancer. This information says how much preventive is important. By doing snd keeping healthy habits, we can help ourselves tremendously.

Very important note: if you find anything unusual on your breasts, we suggest you visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Causes of breast cancer in women

It is unclear why some women get the disease and some do not. It is clear that women with the disease in family history are more prone to getting the disease, women undergoing a hormone therapy due to early or late menopause, and also women who haven’t give birth or breast fed their babies. Increased levels of estrogen are related to getting the disease. Cause of estrogen dominance may be immoderate consumption of alcohol and fatty foods, and obesity. Women who have increased intake of rad meat may be prone to cancer due to hormones that are used in raising the animals.

Liver is responsible for eliminating toxins and decreasing estrogen levels. Also, inability of lymphatic system to drain toxins may also cause this disease. Lymph gland usually suffers when cancer occurs and is affected with metastasis, when the disease progresses. Lymph system is important for our immune system. It helps us get rid of xenoestrogens that accumulate in the fat tissue of breasts. Absorbing too much radiation, X rays for example, can cause cancer also. Other factors that can cause breast cancer are alcohol and tobacco. Nicotine is no. 2 causer of cancer, and only 2 alcohol during per week significantly increase chances of getting cancer, it is believed. Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol since they only harm our health.

International health campaign lasting the month of October that is intended to increase global awareness of breast cancer, and will support the campaign by providing practical information about the Breast Cancer Awareness.

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