Preventing gym injuries

How to keep yourself safe at the gym

Preventing gym injuries

So, you’ve finally decided to get in shape or push your limits in terms of your physical fitness. While you can’t wait to start seeing some results, you jump right into your new routine without knowing what to do. And just like that, you got yourself injured.

Why does it happen? It can be a matter of doing an activity too much or too often, or just doing it wrong. Here are some steps to help you avoid those injuries.

Know your body

Long story short – know what your body’s limits are. This isn’t only just about avoiding some exercises until you’re in better shape. It’s more about knowing your weak areas that would get pushed harder than recommended. If you have any for of back pain, you should avoid doing dead lifts.

It’s all about your gender

Both men and women can have certain issues that can cause injuries. But it doesn’t mean you should avoid certain activities, nor being careful when you exercise. Women are at a greater risk for injuries of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). It’s a ligament that holds your knee in place.

Studies also show that women can injure themselves while on their menstrual cycle, because hormones can make the joints looser.

Hire a professional

Simply hire a certified trainer, or find a gym that has one. Getting expert advice from such people can keep you away from doing the wrong workouts.

Act your age

As you just want to get more exercise done, but you’re old, you can easily get yourself injured for a very long time (we’re talking years). The shoulders, for example, are a body part that is at a huge risk when old athletic dreams just die hard.

Warm up and take it slow

Whatever activity or exercise you’re doing, warming up makes you less likely to get injured.

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