People with Blood Type O Are Very Special – Here’s Why

People with blood type O play a very important role in our world, and even our ancestors had this type of blood. They were predators and very capable of survival. All the great characteristics are gathered in one blood type, and that type is O.

People with Blood Type O Are Very Special – Here’s Why

Besides a lot of energy, an ability to stay focused and the great leadership, people with blood type O have some negative sides too. They can become angry, hyperactive and impulsive when under a lot of stress. Combined with poor diet, lack of exercise increased stress and other everyday bad things, these people have suffered from obesity, problems with the thyroid gland and insulin resistance. But, if you have a proper life, you have the ability to become strong and have very healthy and long life.

What Is So Unique with This Blood Type?

People who have this blood type are prone to get some type of thyroid problems or ulcers. Imbalance of the thyroid hormones has the outcome in the form of fatigue, obesity or fluid retention.

There is also a possibility that you have a higher level of stomach acid when compared with other blood types. This can cause stomach irritation or ulcers, so pay attention to that.

One study conducted in Japan showed that people who had blood type O are committed, organized, responsible, focused and very practical. There is also a strong connection to a better sense of orientation and logic. This comes from our ancestors who were great hunters and had to observe everything in order to survive.

One of the worst enemies of this blood type is stress and anger. People who have this blood type can be very destructive and angry when under stress, depressed or bored. They need to avoid alcohol, caffeine since they can be harmful and raise adrenaline levels in the body, which is naturally high in this type of people.

Also, exercising is very important and if you have this type of blood, then you need to exercise at least four times a week. It is best to practice aerobic exercises for 30 to 45 minutes about four times a week.

All of the meals need to be done sitting at the table, eating slowly and relaxed. When it comes to money spending, try not to spend lots of money when under stress.

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