Organic Hair Dye: Healthy and Easy Ways for Hair Coloring

Hair dyes can be full of chemicals, and even though our hair will look nice and shiny after coloring, it is damaged on a longer period.

Organic Hair Dye: Healthy and Easy Ways for Hair Coloring

Turning to natural, organic hair dye can be a solution. It will paint your hair in wanted color, but also preserve it from harsh chemicals. Here are four dyes for different colors.

For Light Brown Hair – Onion Peel and Bark of an Oak

You will need a half cup of onion peels and one sliced bark of an oak. Mix them in a pot and pour one liter of boiled water over. You need to cook it for about 60 minutes and let it cool off for another hour. Soak your hair in this dye and let it stay for 45 minutes. In the end wash the hair and rinse it with vinegar.

For Red Hair – Beet

For red hair color, you will need one medium sized beet. Chop it and boil in a pot. When it is ready, let it cool off. When it is completely cold, put it in a blender with a water it was boiled in. Use this mixture to dye your hair. You can just apply it to your hair and wait for half an hour. In the end rinse it with vinegar and dry it.

For Golden Blonde Hair – Chamomile

This hair color is very simple to make. You need to put 100 grams of dried chamomile flowers in a half liter of water and cook it. After it is cooked and cooled, you can soak your hair in it. Wash your hair, dry it and rinse with vinegar.

For Brown Hair – Green Peel Walnut

You will need to peel 15-20 walnuts and chop green peel into small pieces and grind. Pour hot water over it and mix it with a spoon until you get homogenous. Now you have a hair dye. Find coloring brush and apply dye with it on your hair. You need to leave it for 15-20 minutes, and wash your hair. Rinse the hair with vinegar.

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