Optimistic News: Serious Breakthroughs in Cancer Treatment

Due to new vaccines and medics, treating of cancer transformed and became much more advanced than before. Innovative breakthroughs can and will improve percent of cancer survivors, so here are some progresses that will make you feel optimistic.

Optimistic News: Serious Breakthroughs in Cancer Treatment

Cervical Cancer – Leaving It in The Past

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a main cause of some types of cancer, such as cervical, vaginal, anal and vulvar cancer. The good news is that the new vaccine is approved by FDA and it has the potential to prevent 90% of the cancer mentioned above.

Prostate Cancer Has New Enemies

New trials are trying to make a drug that will have an effect on the BRCA genes. These genes are female cancer genes and they can be BRCA1 and 2, and they take a part in the metastatic prostate cancer.

Bad Boys Became Good

Some viruses can be used to infect cancer cells, while the normal ones stay intact. Here are some viruses that became good in order to fight cancer:

HIV kills eliminates leukemia – Common cancer can be put into remission with deactivated HIV virus. This is only effective in some patients.

Herpes kills melanoma – About 16% of people showed response when treated with a genetically engineered derivative of herpes.

Measles kills multiple myeloma – Some patients had a good response when given a single IV dose of a tweaked measles virus, since their cancer shrank back.

Melanoma Is Going a Step Back

A recently approved drug Keytruda increased survival rate by more than 30%, and that is not a small number, compared to previous 15% to 20%.

New Drugs for Lung Cancer

Two new drugs Opdivo and Yervoy are showing excellent results in a fight against the deadliest cancer. Some studies show that patients who had Opdivo treatment had a 27% lower risk of death, and Yervoy drug is increasing tumor reduction by 8%.

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