A Nurse Rene Caisse Healed People with Cancer For 50 Years Using the Tea Of Ancient Tribe

Is it possible to make a cheap tea, made out of four plants that can cure cancer or even HIV? According to the nurse Rene Caisse, that is more than possible. She did it for more than 50 years.

A Nurse Rene Caisse Healed People with Cancer For 50 Years Using the Tea Of Ancient Tribe

Rene Caisse, a humble nurse from Canada, used a tea called Essiac for more than 50 years, and she used it to cure patients who had cancer. She claims, it is possible to only use this tea and eliminate cancer.

Rene didn’t charge for her service; people only gave her donations. She never refused to treat anyone, and even though she used this tea for years, it actually originates from the ancient tribe from northern Canada.

Rene worked as a nurse in the Canadian hospital in 1922 when an older patient came to her, saying that she survived breast cancer 30 years ago. She refused to undergo a surgery and went to a local tribe where they gave her a recipe that will cure cancer. She followed the direction and after a few months, she was cured.

The nurse tried the recipe on her aunt and stepfather and they were cured! Later on, she began to use this tea in the clinic where she worked, curing hundreds of patients with cancer.

She was allowed to use this remedy because of the huge support she got, but under three conditions:

  • To cure patients who are deathly ill
  • She had to work with a doctor for diagnosis of disease
  • Not to charge her treatments

Rene wanted to show the public her tea, but until 1977 she couldn’t manage to that. She made some agreements with companies, but they didn’t want to make this cure.

Luckily, Dr. Gary Glum herd for the Essiac tea and found a quite a lot of information about this tea. He wrote a book called “Calling of an Angel”, and he had to publish it by himself since nobody wanted to publish it. The book is pretty controversial and it is very hard to find today. But, thanks to Dr. Glum the Essiac tea is not forgotten today.

You Will Need:

  • 6 ½ cups of burdock root (cut)
  • 1 pound of sheep sorrel herb powdered
  • 1/4 pound of slippery elm bark powdered
  • 1 ounce of Turkish rhubarb root powdered


You need to mix all the ingredients before putting the in the water. The mixture should stay in a dark place and you will need about 30g of this mixture for 900g of water

You need to cook it without the lid for 10-20 minutes, then you should cover it a leave it overnight. In the morning heat up the tea, then put it in a glass or ceramic bowl. When you open the bowl, you need to put in the fridge.

You can get about 7.5 liters of tea. For immunity boost and mild conditions, you should take about 56g a day. Dosage can be maximum three times bigger and it can have used three times a day. Tea is kept in a fridge and it can be added to a hot water or heated up.

Cancer patients also have to eat only organic food without the diet and intake vitamins D and C.

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