No One Knows This Miracle and All We Have at Home: Here’s What Can a Fabric Softener Do

No One Knows This Miracle and All We Have at Home: Here’s What Can a Fabric Softener Do

Fabric softener that makes our clothes to smell nice and feel soft, so we use it for that only. However, the fabric softener can do more than that.

Here’s what you can do with fabric softener.

Removing old wallpaper

With a use of fabric softener, old wallpaper from the walls can be taken off without difficulty. Dissolve one full cup of fabric softener in one liter of water and apply this solution to the walls with a sponge.

Wait 20 minutes and then scrape them off the walls.

Reducing the charge on the carpet

To prevent that leads to a buildup of static charge while walking on the carpet, spray the carpet with a softener solution.

Add one full cap softener in 2.5 liters of water, pour the solution into a spray bottle and lightly spray the carpet. Do not soak the carpet that solution, it can damage it.

Remove traces of hair spray

When you often apply the styling spray, traces of spray stay on the walls and bathroom furniture. After some time, those traces of spray are difficult to remove.

To resolve this problem, just create a solution of fabric softener and water in the ratio 1: 2. Thoroughly mix the solution, pour it into a spray bottle, sprayed onto soiled surface and polish with a dry cloth.

Cleaning hard surfaces

Glass tables, doors on the shower-cabins and other hard surfaces can be cleaned with a solution of fabric softener. You need to mix one measure of fabric softener with 4 parts of water.

Keep the solution in the. Apply the solution on a clean cloth, wipe the desired surface and finally polish with dry cloth.

Cleaning Casserole

Forget scraping and scratching. Burnt deposits on the trays after baking you can easily remove with a liquid softener. Fill the baking pan with water and add the water a little fabric softener. Let casserole stand so about an hour, or until the moment when the deposits can easily be removed.

Maintenance of paint brushes

After using the paint brushes, clean them of paint and rinse in a bowl full of water to which was added a drop of liquid fabric softener. After that, wipe the brush and leave it in until the next use. So will your brushes maintain their elasticity.

Cleaning traces of limescale

When washing with water that is full with limescale, traces of it will certainly remain on the surface. Apply conditioner to the stain and wait 10 minutes. Then wipe the surface and rinse it.

Make your own softening sheets

Add softening flakes to the laundry during the drying machine. The effect which is achieved by purchasing leaves, can be achieved if an old cloth is moistened with a tablespoon of fabric softener and inserted it into the dryer along with the washed laundry.

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