No More Corporate Lies: Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured For Only 2-6 Weeks!

You've probably heard the term "cancer can be treated with chemotherapy and prescribed drugs." But do you really believe that these drugs can cure cancer?

No More Corporate Lies: Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured For Only 2-6 Weeks!

Alexander Denkovik on his blog Healthy Life Tricks wrote text on the subject of treatment of cancer, as he himself lost his father due to this disease, he decided to share with the world what he found since that can help people.

This is his whole text:

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadliest diseases today. Many families have lost one of its members because of this deadly disease. My father died of cancer when I was 17 years old.

This was an extremely painful experience for me and completely changed my life. The worst thing in your life is to look at how cancer eating away your nearest members of the obstetrics and friends inside, and you can not do anything about it.

When I looked at the video Dr. Caldwell and his text, I was very happy and amazed, because I do not want to watch people die from this disease and their closest friends and be famous to suffer if you lose them.

Cancer can attack anyone. You never know who will be his next victim.

So be sure to look at this video and start to believe that there is hope for all current and future cancer patients.

The cancer industry is too prosperous to allow a cure for cancer.

You’ve probably heard the term “cancer can be treated with chemotherapy and prescribed drugs.” But do you really believe that these drugs can cure cancer?

I do not!

We spent everything we had so we paid the chemotherapy and medication for my father.

All these treatments cost a fortune and did not help my father with his illness. Even worse situation.

In recent weeks, my dad survived the agony of pain caused by chemotherapy. Do you know why the cancer industry continues to offer chemotherapy and drugs to cancer patients?

For money. No one in the medical industry actually does not care for the patients. They only care about profits and earning money by selling drugs that do not work and treatment of patients chemotherapy that kill more good cells, rather than cancerous ones.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Leonard Caldwell?

Family Dr. Caldwell has had serious problems with cancer. All seven brothers and sisters, with my mother’s side, suffered from cancer. His father and his grandmother died of cancer.

He watched as his closest family members and friends die from this terrible disease and he could do anything about it. Therefore, dedicated his life to finding an effective cure for cancer.

In his career, Dr. Caldwell has seen more than 35,000 patients, about 2.2 million participants in the workshops in which they write their life stories and has more than 7 million fans who read his articles and reports.

According to some influential people in the medical industry, Dr. Caldwell has a leading role in the treatment of cancer.

His site has been blocked by the federal government, because of its success in the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Leonard Caldwell argues that cancer can be cured in most patients, without the use of conventional treatments of chemotherapy or any contact with radiation.

But he was not allowed to talk about it. Dr. Caldwell says that this is because of the people who profit from cancer patients and that the law does not permit to do so.

Medical and pharmaceutical industry earn millions and millions coming through industry cancer. This situation makes that legislators pass laws that will kill us.

Dr. Caldwell – The only answer to cancer

Dr. Leonard Caldwell argues that each type of cancer can be cured in 2-16 weeks. I think there are some types of cancer, which, if treated properly can be cured in a few minutes. He says that the positivity and hope what really helps in the healing process.

First of all, Dr. Caldwell says that we need to eat more vegetables. This type of diet gives the body a lot of oxygen. And if we add calcium and other alkalizing foods, we will alkalize our bodies.

This is very important for all cancer patients because the process of cancer progression stops when the body alkalinized.

Another important thing to know is that our body has to reach what is called a therapeutic pH level. pH has 14 levels, from 0 to 14. Lower values are an acidic area, and higher values are the alkaline area.

The medium neutral pH level of the body 7. When the pH reached 7, it is alkaline. The level of 7.36 is very good, but when it comes to treatment, should the pH is about 7.5 or more.

Dr. Caldwell argues that “intravenous” intake of vitamin C is very useful. 100 ml every day, three times a week or less will provide more than amazing results. Believe it or not, cancer goes away for a few days after the injection of vitamin C.

The second thing you need to do is to eliminate hypoxia. Dr. Martin, a friend of Dr. Caldwell, offers an excellent solution for this – oxygen therapy, which involves several steps.

In this method, blood is extracted, is enriched with pure oxygen, and injected back into the body 12 times. When blood is taken from the body, has a black color.

But with this treatment, blood is re-injected has a beautiful shade of pink, like the blood of a newborn. It is completely fresh. This treatment fills the body with energy.

Vitamins C and E – miracle drugs

Dr. Caldwell says he needs to eat food that has a large amount of vitamin C, such as hot pepper, cabbage, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, cauliflower, pineapple, kiwi, orange and lemon.

But vitamin C is not the only vitamin that has curative power. We can also add vitamin E this category. Vitamin E is extremely beneficial for blood pressure.

When treated quickly and effectively in any form, vitamin E has shown that it can produce a startling result now.

But the best source of vitamin E should be a natural source, not artificially produced. A study conducted with artificial vitamin E has been shown that it is inefficient.

Remember, chemicals will not help with cancer. Nature is the one who makes all these diseases and nature will come to the rescue. We all know that cancer did not exist 100 years ago and has no reason to exist now.

We ourselves have caused this serious problem. As we said before, the best and most efficient way to get rid of cancer is to eat fresh organic vegetables and other fresh raw foods.

Drink water with sea salt

Another important thing, according to Dr. Caldwell, is to drink 4 liters of water with ½ teaspoon of salt each day – unless you have any problem with the kidneys. If you think that an excessive amount of salt can lead to high blood pressure, Dr. Caldwell says he does not care.

He says that although we thought that large quantities of salt bad, the truth is actually the opposite.

In fact, as is necessary. The lack of salt can cause problems in the blood. Dr. Caldwell says that the electrical signal is transmitted only if the required amount of salt was present in the body.

What type of salt do you use?

The real problem is in table salt we all eat. Table salt, which all use contains only a third of the true salt. It contains 1/3 and 1/3 glass of sand. This can cause serious problems in our body.

The sand and glass irritate the blood vessels, causing them to bleed. Then, the cholesterol clogs to protect blood vessels.

Now you may think that high cholesterol can cause high blood pressure, do not you? This is not true because you can die from excessive cholesterol.

But You can not have serious problems if you have a deficiency of cholesterol. Some people had high cholesterol, 60, and had no illness in his life.

HDL and LDL are proteins that move cholesterol?

To be honest, I’ve never heard of this. We all know that there is good and bad cholesterol, or so-called. HDL and LDL cholesterol. But, Dr. Caldwell disagrees and says that it is not cholesterol.

He says that these are proteins that move cholesterol. Everything we thought we knew about it was completely wrong.

But, as the doctors who say these things can not make mistakes? For this, we have the opinion of Dr. Nile. Dr. Neil Gray says that, according to statistics, doctors have a short lifespan – they live 56 years, suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, and have the highest suicide rates – the largest is only with psychiatrists – and yet we go to them to ask them how to live longer , happier and healthier.

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