This Natural Drink Will Cure And Prevent Stomach Bloating

This Natural drink, and a few simple precautions can help you avoid bloat for good.

This Natural Drink Will Cure And Prevent Stomach Bloating

Feeling gassy? Like you’ve gained 10 excess weights in the past 2 days? Probably, bloating is to blame.

If you often have problems with stomach bloating, burping and intestinal flora, you could stay clear of that puffiness for good by taking a few basic precautions and this drink helping you solve or alleviate your problem.

Don’t consume and run

When you eat in a hurry, you swallow a bunch of gas-producing air. Eat food well, with your mouth closed, and also sip directly from a mug instead of from a straw.

View the raw veggies

Prone to puffiness? Raw produce can be hard for your body system to break down, resulting in bloat. Cooking veggies makes them easier for your belly to handle.

Don’t freak out

Anxiety hormones speed up everything in your body system, including your digestive system. The result? “You might experience gas and even diarrhea, which could trigger bloating,” says Kristi King, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nourishment and Dietetics.

Her suggestion? When you’re anxious, get up and go for a stroll to relocate bubbles from your belly and ease your nerves.

Healthy Drink – Recipe


  • half a pineapple (use small pineapple).
  • 2 fennel stems.
  • 2 celery stems (use leaves as well).
  • ginger root (2-3 cm).


Blend all the ingredients. Add some water to make it more liquid.

Consume this drink before having your meals, until you completely solve the problem.

Pineapple contains enzymes that boost digestion.

Celery prevents water retention, and both fennel and ginger help the intestinal flora renewal.

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