Muscle groups you shouldn’t ignore

If you want a perfect body, you definitely don’t want to forget these muscle groups!

Muscle groups you shouldn’t ignore

If you’re someone that’s working hard on that weight loss, with a realistic goal set, a picture of yourself already visualized, and a workout consisting of cardio exercises and strength exercises (or weight lifting), then you’ll surely make a mistake and target only a few groups of muscles instead of your entire body. Success depends on those little muscles that you mostly find unimportant enough to take 10 minutes to work them out as well. Even though your abs and biceps get the biggest spotlight time, those little muscles made it all happen and made them stand out. The following muscle groups are supporting groups (hard to target, but your whole body will benefit from it, as you’ll have more strength and avoid injuries):

Serratus anterior that is a muscle that is located on the side of your chest, along the ribs. It allows you to rotate the shoulder blade, and it’s crucial when you raise your shoulder in order to flex your arm. Some say that the bench press made this muscle forgotten and obsolete, because of the lack of the challenge that the serratus anterior doesn’t get (blame the bench itself). To improve it, do variations of pushups.


Piriformis located near your rear, it helps with the rotation of your thighs, but in most cases, it suffers from overuse, because weak hamstrings force it to work instead of those bigger muscle groups. To improve this specific muscle, do windshield wipers, which is pressing your knees together and getting them wider than shoulder-width apart, while lying on your back.


Psoas – it goes through your hips and connects your lower back to the top of your thighs. It’s one of your body’s back stabilizers, and a hip flexor as well. A weak psoas can lead to knee issues. To improve it, bring your knee above 90 degrees.


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