Mistletoe Tea Stabilize Your Blood Pressure

Drink this amazing tea to get rid of high blood pressure!

Mistletoe Tea Stabilize Your Blood Pressure

Mistletoe is widely known as a special half-parasite plant that grows on tree branches and looks a lot like some kind of a rootless bush. According to some research conducted within the last two decades, the most effective types of mistletoe are the ones that can be found growing on oak trees, pine trees, pear trees and apple trees. Only the stems and the leafs are the ones that should be picked and chopped with a knife (that makes it ready for the tea cooking part). The mistletoe picked between late September and early December, as well as the one picked during March and even April is possibly the best kind you can find.

This plant has a lot of properties, including calming, cardio-tonic and hypotensive features. It can also stimulate the immunity. In traditional medicine, it is mostly used in order to stabilize blood pressure and to strengthen the cardiac activity. For those who have low blood pressure, this plant is going to lift it, while in those who have higher blood pressure, mistletoe is going to tone it down.

Anyone who is suffering from high blood pressure or even dizziness, lack of energy can get rid of those problems and issues by drinking mistletoe tea, which provides a detox effect.

It can easily eliminate the physical tension produced by chronic spasms, the restless heart, and all forms of coughs, specifically strong ones. At the same time, if you suffer from asthma or hysteric attacks, this tea will calm you down.

How to prepare and drink mistletoe tea

When preparing this tea, you should only use the leafs and the stems of the plant and not the grains, because those are poisonous for internal consumption. For a single cup of water, you should not use more than a teaspoon of this plant.

For best efficiency of this tea, the mistletoe has to be left 12 hours in cold water. Then, it can be warmed a bit and filtered.

Remember to drink up to 3 cups each day, and your heart will be stabilized. Every day you will feel much better and more motivated.

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