Myths About Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

Some of the critics typically give us a lot of data telling us how Ketogenic diets can be dangerous to our health


Some of the critics typically give us a lot of data telling us how Ketogenic diets can be dangerous to our health. The put forth some of the highly overrated and wrongly presented reports that are being often made with the view to prove that Ketogenic diets may give rise to cholesterol and heart related problems and also give rise to host of conditions related to the lack of vitamins and minerals in our body.

The Facts About Cholesterol and Ketogenic Diets

The most important fact that we should understand is that Ketogenic diet may have absolutely no correlation with the cholesterol related issues or coronary heart disease. There is no fact that supports the idea that it may give rise to AHD or the diseases of arteries. The cause of CAD is primarily inflammation related but not just the normal indicators like trigyceride or LDL or HDL leves alone! These levels can be indicated wrongly due to many other reasons too; Some of them being as simples as temporary weight loss! Ttherefore it is recommended that cholesterol level should be checked only after 6 months have passed.

Not only this, even the lifestyle factors come into play when we study diseases. The type of lifestyle that will lead can well be responsible for any of the Ketogenic related issues.

The Truth About Vitamins And Minerals

One of the most well documented and studied aspect of lifestyle and diets is the vitamins and minerals. Anyone who has gone through any type of diet plan would know that the vitamins and minirals play a large part in our overall health.

A well formulated Ketogenic diet can supply us with almost 100 % of our required daily value of vitamins and minerals by eating absolutely no carbohydrates in our food.


As the name indicates Ketoacidosis is often cited to be related to ketogenic diet which is supposed to be a leading factor in its onset. The facts however can be totally wrong. it is more important to understand how it occurs and almost everyone following diet needs to be ware about it.

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