Miraculous Comfrey: Relieves Pain In Bones And Teeth, Heals Wounds And Relives From Stress

Comfrey, also known as comphry, is one of the most precious plants that cure from rheum, muscle strain, gout, even the bone fracture.

For many years, this plant has been recognized among traditional medicine followers, and has been appreciated for its healing powers.

Comfrey can be found throughout middle Europe, in damp places. It blossoms during the summer. Flowers are pink, purple, violet and sometimes white in form of short inflorescence.

Leafs and roots are the healing parts of the plant that are used and are harvested in spring and in late autumn. The roots are dug and washed. To keep the healthy juice from the roots, it is to be dried, cut into slices and again dried in a warm place. The leaves are dried in the shady places.

Healthy properties of this plant are obtained through essential oils, tannin, choline and rare substance allantois. Allantois helps creating new cells in wounds and cuts, cracking and sports injuries. Also, for external use with gout and bones ache there is no better cure than freshly grated comfrey to be put on the hurting spot as compress.

It you cannot find it fresh, you can apply tincture which is good for neuralgic pains, especially in the face region. Comfrey has a strong effect on the central nervous system, so it should be taken in small doses.

Tincture is proven to be excellent treatment for inflammation of nerves. If there is a swollen tissue that is sensitive to pressure, it is automatically reflexed onto nervous system. So, comfrey tincture is a simple, natural solution to this pain. It is also recommended for the facial skin regeneration.

People who regularly use this tincture claim it is helpful with aging skin; it softens wrinkles around eyes, especially if changes occurred due to use of cosmetic products. It is also recommended for the veins inflammation. It is especially effective when combined with St. John’s Wort, St. John’s Wort oil, or even better with a tincture of St. John’s Wort.

Comfrey root is excellent for catarrh of the stomach, kidney disease or severe menstruation. It is used also for bleeding of the stomach, bronchial catarrh, pneumonia, and bloody cough. Dried root can be mashed and mixed with warm water and then put onto affected area.

A mouthwash can be made from mashed dries root, mixed then with warm water and chamomile and this mixture can cure the oral mucosa inflammation and dental abscesses.

Comfrey leaves poultices are helpful with paralyses, they are ought to be put onto affected area of the extremities. Leaves are used as addition to hot baths, when a person is suffering from rheum, bones aches, discopathy and poor blood circulation.

Comfrey gel can be found in the pharmacies. It is a product that contains comfrey root extract and its ingredients: mucus, tannins, saponins and allantoin improve epithelization, drainage, and regeneration of tissue.


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