Medicines Are Not Always the Solution: Determine the Cause of Headache and Then Cure It

Medicines Are Not Always the Solution: Determine the Cause of Headache and Then Cure It

It is always easiest to take a medicine when you have a headache, but that is not the solution every time. It is better to find the cause of your headache and then cure it.

Some of the most common causes of headache can be hungover, stress, not wearing glasses, ponytail or even sex.

Of course, it there isn’t any physical problem behind it. So, if you have a headache, you shouldn’t worry, it is probably nothing.

Here are some unusual causes of headaches:

Ham sandwich

Ham contains high levels of preservatives – tyramine, nitrates and nitrites – that encourage the inflow of blood to the brain and the occurrence of headaches.

Unlike classic migraine where the pain usually occurs only on one side of the head, headache caused by preservatives stimulates pain on both sides. Headache can encourage and cheese, chocolate, processed meat and even some fruits, such as pineapple.


Coughing, sneezing, blowing the nose or bending may cause headache, which is usually felt at the back of the head. Doctors believe that one percent of the headaches caused by coughing, especially among men.

During the mentioned actions the brain is under pressure because of which the few moves and comes to the appearance of pain. Although rare, this type of headache may indicate to some health problems.

This type of headache usually occurs with symptoms such as neck pain, problems with balance, vision, hearing and insomnia.

Hot Shower

While those troubling headaches caused by inflammation of the sinuses heat of the shower can help eliminate pain, some morning warm shower can cause a headache.

Change in temperature causes a pressure increase and pressure on the brain, causing the pain occurs 30 to 60 seconds after you have started the shower. Pain rarely lasts longer than five minutes. And extreme cold can cause headache.


If you have a lack of sleep, later you can feel the headache that can last a short time or you tormented all day. A study by the British National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in London. The main cause of the drop in serotonin levels.


After a few hours of wearing a tight ponytail, you can experience headaches. Tension of connective tissue scalp leads to pain. The same effect can have plaits, narrow hats, turbans and hair clips.


A study at the Center for Headache in Turin showed that anxious people prone to migraines. Because of their temperament they do not handle stress well, and they have lower levels of serotonin. The result is a headache.

Going to the hairdresser

Because of the predicament when you wash your head to the hairdresser, may cause the nerve to cause pain a day or two later. Thus, the cause is often not noticed.

A similar situation can occur due to improper positioning while on the phone or sitting without a backrest that supports your lower back.


In Spanish Salamanca University have proven that cigarettes can cause a headache. Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels in the brain that gives rise to pain.

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