Make A Pressure On the Ear with A Clip and See What Happen

If you have pain in your back or stomach contractions, there is a simple solution for those problems. Reflexology is an area of medicine that uses pressure on certain places on the body and calms down the pain.

Make A Pressure On the Ear with A Clip and See What Happen

There are six spots on your ear that can help you in a variety of problems since there are many nerve endings. You can use clips to make pressure on those endings.

With pressure on certain spots you can soothe a different kind of pain:

Shoulders and Back


The upper part of the ear is connected with shoulders and back. Hold one clip for about one minute and you will get rid of tension and pain. Redo this several times a day.



This spot is linked to all the organs in your body. Even with the light massage you can help yourself. But, if you really have inner pain, look for medical care.



The upper part of middle ear belongs to joints. If you have painful joints, hands and legs, the clip is your salvation!

Sinuses and Throat


The lower part of the ear is connected with paranasal sinuses and throat. If it is cold outside or if you have an infection of the sinuses, the clip can do a miracle.



Just above the earlap is a spot that is connected with digestion. Pain in the stomach and spasms can be eliminated and alleviated with pressure on this spot. You can even do this preventive.

Head and heart


Earlap is connected with heart and head. A headache and heart problems can be decreased with a clip or just a simple message.

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