Lower Body Band Exercises

Some of the best ways to shape your lower body by using resistance band

Resistance bands are an amazing addition to anyone’s strength training routine. They come in all different sizes and lengths. This unique exercise equipment is easy to store away, which makes it perfect for home use. They often come in varieties of resistance levels from stretchable to heavy strength.

Some of the most common types of bands can be tube bands with handles and therapy bands. For the following exercises, do 10 to 25 reps in 2-3 sets each time you exercise.

Front squat – standing on a band with feet slightly wide, bring the top of the band over each on of your shoulders. Sit down with your chest up, pressing your knees over the toes, and rise back up.

Leg extension – this is great for your quads. Loop one end around your ankle with the band placed behind you. Move away from the anchor in order to create tension on your band, placing your feet apart. Shift your weight to one of your feet, lifting the other leg from the floor. After extending the knee, slowly return back and repeat this exercise about 10 times for each leg.



Glute bridge – tie the band around both of your legs above your knees. Lie on your back with your feet on the floor and bend your knees until they are at 90 degrees. Rise until your shoulders align with your hips and knees and contract your glutes as you do the entire movement.


Ankle flexion – take a loop or therapy band around an anchor, secure it, and sit with one leg out, making sure that it wraps the other end of the loop, placing it around the top of your foot. Lean backwards and support your weight on your hands, flexing your foot forward until your shin gets stretched. Slowly bring your toes up, flexing them toward your knee. Return to starting position afterwards, and repeat it for the other side.



Lateral band walk – step in a loop band, place your feet to create tension on the band. After doing a half-squat position, shift yourself to the left side with the right leg. Move the leg you’re standing with slightly in. Do 10 steps before your move back the other way.


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